Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thesis oh Thesis...

The subjects are done.
I just need another 6 credit hours to complete this master thing.
But the thesis is holding me back.
I just don't have that pressure, high enough, to make me work on it.
I know that is the reason God hold me back in this workplace.

I was supposed to go back to my old workplace in February, then extended to April, now extended to no-date. The reason? no suitable candidate... oh, come on.... I'm not that damn good worker.. I just know how to survive. But still, I don't know if I should go back to my old place because that place is a shit now.. too much shit. I'm afraid I can't bear with it anymore.... but to be at a different place seems like impossible...*sigh* many many *sigh*
What am I talking about now? I am supposed to write about my thesis.

Ok, back to my thesis.
Energy Economics.
Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) market reform for a better tariff???
What the hell is that....


rinaabdullah said...

ar, aku rasa apa dia nak cakap ni bila ada penetration from solar (renewable sources) into conventional grid electricity generators.. will give impact and effecting the energy price..bla bla bla kot. ye ker?


dove99 said...

apakah topik ko ni... sapa yg cakap? heheh tak paham... anyway,
RE is more expensive than conventional, so tariff memang akan jadi a bit more expensive.. eg. when feed-in-tariff is implemented nanti, our tariff will be 1% or 2% more expensive to pay for the higher RE price. But RE is good in the long term as they are more sustainable and greener.