Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It has been so long...

It has been more than 4 months since my last update!
Which is equivalent to a completion of my final semester... yes! I've completed my 4 semesters, now what left is a thesis which carries another 6 credit hours.
The whole semester was great.. 3 heavy subjects, but interesting. All of them manage to change my perspective about 'organization' and 'corporation'. The final exam was good considering the laziness I had towards the end of the semester.. :)

Enough about my study.

Last month we had a great birthday bash for my eldest... the 7th year old really has grown up to become a lady. I wish she will become a great and fine lady.

Prior to that, a small family celebration for my 1 year old son in January. He's also doing great, somehow I hope he won't grow up so fast, just cannot get enough of him yet. Hehhehe....

I was suppose to end my work in this office last February, but had to extend it for another 2 monthS to give time for HR Group to find a replacement. But somehow that 2 months are already over, and the replacee was rejected by top management and here I am, still in my office in Putrajaya. But maybe it's a good news because teh only place for me is my old post, which is crazier. I don't think I can work at the same place, doing the same job with the same people I like and I hate for a third time in my career life. I don't know, that place is a mess now. I just cannot even think about how I'm going to report duty on the first day... what am I going to say, how should I look - happy, sad, motivated, feeling great or stress??? I would rather stay back than going back, looking at the current situation, but this place is also messing my carrer path.. I don't know what will I be in the future, stuck in here with no promotion?? and be forgotten forever?! It's a difficult decision... *sigh* I don't like to sigh, but when I think about this matter, I sigh hundreds of time already.

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