Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Great Birthday Gift

I was bored from morning till evening, before i finally thought to check student info at Uniten's website. Hubby has asked me to call Uniten since last week to check if the results are out. But I dislike the idea, I would rather wait for the result to arrive at my mailbox. But this evening, when I opened the student info, the results are there. It was a pleasant suprise. As much as I hope and confident that I was doing well last semester, but there's still 1% of doubt that I would get what I hope for.

It's a Dean List. It's all As. :) 3 As + 1A(-) to be exact. Alhamdulillah,syukur pada Allah yang telah mempermudahkan segala urusan.. from attending the classes everyday, completing the assignments, studying for tests & exams... without so much hassle i.e the kids are fine with bibik, not falling sick etc.
The most important thing is my CGPA is higher than hubby's (for now). I can say that this is tripple joy in a row after my daughter made me proud with her achievement at pre-school and my son's fifth birthday. In fact it is more than triple, if vacation to Bukittinggi and my 31st birthday are counted in. What a birthday present!

For all these joy and happiness, we are going to have a small majlis kesyukuran plus akikah for my two kids this coming Hajj Day.

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