Friday, October 16, 2009

Polygamy- Part 2

Why the hell I'm talking about this again.. *sigh*
I've seen many of this happening around me
I like to share my opinion on this.. this will also remind me that I'm not polygamy-proof.

Suprisingly my two sweet honeyed biras are like living-happy-ever-after after the wedding. Quite few months after the new biras moved to their hometown, my mother-in-law began to accept her new daughter-in-law. They live in a separate house but within the same neighbourhood. Normally they will go out as one big happy family for eating out and shopping or even balik kampung to my MIL's. We called the family as d*d and company. :)

During our gathering at my MIL's house, both are them are like sisters or bestfriends, and during raya, when we visited my brother-in'law's house a.k.a first house, both of them are there and treating us... she also help her with her childrens... hmm.. I wonder how he manages it and how the ladies manage themselves.

But I begin to have my own theory....

1. The #1 and #2 must probably didn't think much about them sharing a hubby.
2. #1 accepts #2 as a new family member and never thought about her as her madu.

Maybe, if we stop thinking about sharing a hubby and the fact that the other person is our madu, psychologically we could live with it. Provided that our hubby is OK and fair, there's nothing much to worry.

Now I'm worried about my hubby.. is he picking up something from what happens. I think I have to keep on reminding myself that anything can happen. Ok, as long as I have my emergency plan, I should be ok..

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