Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shopping Spree @ Bandung

I like travel. When I travel I like seeing things and people and stuffs... One thing that I don't like, going to a foreign land more than once. Just because I want to optimize my money, I want to go to as many place I can. But Bandung is exceptable. I definitely will come back again next year!

A nice and clean hotel. Nalendra Hotel at Jln Cihampelas. During normal period, it only costs about IR340000 but during school holiday, the price goes up to IR500,000. It's abit far from factory outlet area and Pasar Baru, but if taking Angkutan Kota, it will only cost you IR2500 per per person from the hotel to those places. A taxi will cost about IR40,000 to ID50,000 one way! Trust me, taking Angkutan Kota is not that bad if you want to save some money for more shopping!

I have to stress again that my trip to Bandung is for shopping and shopping only. So, we don't really look for eating place. So, we just drop by at any nearest restaurant that looks decent and clean. Our dinner for two consecutive nights are at Ayam Cobek Langganan, a kedai makan located in front of our hotel.

Ayam cobek.
Nasi Tutug Oncom. (nasi digaul dengan tempe, mungkin)

Nasi Liwet. (a.k.a. nasi lemak)

Cumi (sotong) goreng tipung (tepung)

Our lunch at Rumah Makan Sunda Riung Sari at Jalan Martadinata, opposite of factory outlet The Secret.

Things I've got from factory outlet....

Cotton kebaya, cotton shirts and long black top by Zara.
Not in picture: 2 pairs of original Levi's jeans from Toko Tiga. (must go!)

For my 4 childrens...
Not in pictures: Stuffs from Pasar Baru and my hubby's catch. Will update later.


rinaabdullah said...

ar,cotton kebaya tu i can tel.. it's from the secret kan.. i got that one in dark chocolate, and my sister's in baby pink...

hehehehe... best kan?

dove99 said...

I got two in different colors.. hahha.. tamak giler... susah nak buat decision.