Friday, June 26, 2009

New Toy for New Hobby

this is sewing machine - Epal All-in-one. My mom bought this some several years ago, but never use it. In fact I wonder whether she knows how to use the sewing machine or not. Until she decided to give to my MIL. The machine is so good that you have to learn how to use it, and you need to add some accessories to make full use of it. But my MIL just use it as a normal machine - to make clothes. My bestfriend is addicted into making kid's clothes, that I am now influenced by her. Shame on me, I asked the sewing machine from my MIL...anyway, it is for good cause. She should be proud that finally her menantu yang ganas that rock ini finally is becoming a true mother. I think a complete mother should know how to cook and make clothes for their childrens.
Okay, now I'm going to teach myself how to sew....
1. learn the sewing stuffs' name and their function - needles, bobbins, thread, rulers etc
2. learn type of threading, what they are used for, how to make them on my sewing machine.
3. learn how to take measurement and transfer it onto papers - make design / draft / pola (what do you call that???)
4. learn how to cut cloth
5. learn how to attach the pieces of cloth together and become clothes
6. decorate the clothes! beading works, embroidery (my machine can do this!) etc...
But first of all, I went to Epal center in Puchong, that is the nearest center to my place. I need to send my machine for a good service since it has been tersadai for years... and I need to get some accessories for my new toy.
But my hubby don't trust me at all.. he thinks I'm just hangat2 taik ayam.. but I think sewing is a skill like driving a car, or riding a bicycle... you'll never ever forget it. You can recall the skill when you need to use it. And I need to convince hubby on that because I need to spend another RM650 to make full use of the machine and instill that skill in me. And the machine's cost is more than RM2k which I got for free!

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