Monday, June 29, 2009

Update Homeschool (2)

It has been a while since my last scribble on homeschool - too busy with new interest and hobbies.

Just a short update on the progress of my kids...

Farra has stop wearing diapers during the day since 7 June. This is my third attempt to let her goes un-diaper during the day. The first effort was somewhere before I gave birth to the fourt baby, she was not yet 2 years old. We both failed completely. The second attempt was when I was in confinement period. She didn't even notice that she's peeing, when I asked where she 'did' it, she didn't even know where... we have to look for a wet spot around the house. She was ngam-ngam 2 years old then. This time, it was effortless. She understand that she did not wear any diaper, she can feel 'it' when it's coming, and she has time to take off her pants and rush to the bathroom. For the first few days, we have to remind her to go to bathroom every few hours - in case she forgot that she's not wearing diaper. The second week, she told us when she needs to go to to bathroom, now I'm confident to take her out without diaper. My conclusion, when they are ready, they are just ready. No need to push for a stress, long and frustrated potty training. Be patient, the right time will come.

Fariz still cannot recognize letters and numbers. He wants to do something but when he cannot do it, he will tantrum. He needs a lot of attention and assistant, he doesn't want to work alone. He likes to simply cry, "Ayizz tak tau...!!!" At this moment I just be patient and let him progress at his space. My experience with the big sis has taught me that the right time will come. Like teh Hindi's movie - Black - the hardest thing to do is to set the fire, once the fire is set, it will burn, bigger and faster.

My lil baby is learning to roll his body, and when he does it, he cried. If he cannot do it also he cried. I already started giving him formula milk since I left him for outstation work. I felt so sorry. Now he needs more milk during the days and I cannot afford to expressed that much. So, he has a 3 bottles of BEM and 1 bottle of FM per day. He still does not show any sign of eating, yet.

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