Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bat's Hat & Bug's Mug

I just got my outstation claim. It was most awaited money, because I planned to buy some books with it. So, when I got the money, I thought I want to go to a bookshop but I bump into a small book cart at the shopping mall that sells colorful board books, activity books, flash cards, jigsaw-puzzle books and I love them all! I bought 3 books - one for the big sis, one for big bro and one for lil sis. They are so excited about the book.

The big sis is reading quite fluently in Malay and now is improving on the English language. So, I supply her with lots of phonics stuff.
Looking at her, I see my ownself at her age. I love books. I read all types of books.I guess it is inherited from my father. My father used to buy books in sets for me. Being a government's officer in 70's, I guess it was quite a culture to install the house with sets of books. Children Encyclopedia, Peter & Jane etc. But I always prefer Malay books. Maybe because my dad only bought the books, but never spend time with me to read the books.
I am sure with teh genetic plus environment - my kids would love books more than I am.

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