Monday, May 18, 2009

Update Homeschool : Happy Teacher's Day

Last weekend was Teacher's Day - 16 May.

I remember I used to celebrate this day every year during my school days. I never missed to buy a small gift for my favorite teacher of the year. My mom was also supportive enough when it came to this matter. (Thank you Mama!). Now it's time for me to teach my kids to appreciate their teachers.

I always remember two of my teachers - whom I consider great teachers. One is my Standard 1 teacher - she taught me how to read, calculate and she was there during my difficult days in school. I still remember how afraid and nervous I was to enter standard 1. But she always calmed me. I had asked my mom to wait for me outside the classroom for the whole week. And she did - so, that's why I also waited outside the classroom when I sent my first daughter to her kindergarten. In fact I also rode the school van with her until she was comfortable enough to be with her friends alone, without me.

Ok, back to my teacher. If I'm not mistaken, my first teacher was Puan Joyah. I don't know if she's still around, or maybe she has passed away, as she was quite veteran when she taught me in 1985.

The second one is my Add Math teacher when I was form 4 and form 5. He is the reason why Add Math was even more fun and easier than Modern Math. I like him so much that I was gossiped with him by my friends, but of course he didn't know it.

So now that my two kids have their own teachers, our home school program this week I taught them about Teacher's Day. So, the activity for art n craft over the last weekend was...

Accept the blue card, all other materials are from old magazine. The apple pic is using cut and paste technique - the kids love to cut and paste!

Okay, this is cheating, that was my handwriting tryong to imitate kid's handwriting because my 4th yo is still in learning stage to write and getting to know alphabets.

**They had given the cards to the teachers today. And from their feedbacks, they are the only two who has brought such card for the teachers. I guess other mommies are too busy to remember about the teachers that have been spending more than 50% of their kids' time
every day.

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