Monday, May 25, 2009

Update Homeschool : Playgroup at Home

Last week was a hectic week for me.. I was being cursed by Wong's family - well, should find another topic to talk about this. It was a nightmare, in fact the cases are not settled yet and I'm still nervous until today, whenever I think about it. And I think about every 5 minutes, even in my sleep!

Nevertheless, last wekeend, at home, I tried not to think about the stress at work and just have fun with my kids. In the middle of my business at work, I still found time to search for free material on the internet for homeschool weekend's activity. Thanks to for great FREE printed material. I printed a lot of extras too so that they can do again and again.. kids just can't get enough with only one.

That morning, after coming back from our senamrobic routine at Taman Tasik Cempaka (this is a must for mom!), while relaxing at the porch, one of my kids' friend come over - she was playing outside too while her father was doing something on his car. So, I thought about the FREE material that I printed from, so, I had a brilliant idea - bring out the table and chairs and let the kids have fun with the material! At first, they were 4 of them, later 3 more joint in because it was fun!

One thing that I learn is, kids love to made something and then play with it. Above is the concentration game using pictures of fruit and word. I once bought an expensive memory card but they are not interested to play with it, until every single card is lost from my sight now. But with this rugged material, they love it! an added advantage is that we don't have to worry if they lost them, because we can always print them out again and again - for FREE. And if they lost them, the kids are not at risk to be scolded because the material has no money value, except they are fun to play with!

At this age, the kids love the cutting activity - so I just let them cut the pictures - it doesn't matter if it doesn't look neat or whatsoever - because it is their activity, not us.

I also let the kids to take home the activity that they did at my home. I hope their parents will notice it and let the kids to come to my house every other weekend for more activities. Why did I do this? Because I always wanted to bring my kids to the playgroup organized by a center near my house but they are quite expensive and requires time commitment. But being able to make a playgroup at my home? Hmm... that is so interesting.

So, there goes our home school turn playgroup activity. It doesn't take long, it finished in 1 1/2 hour, then I continue to cook for our family lunch.

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