Sunday, May 17, 2009

A tribute to my handbags

This is my FIRST ever handbag.
It is from Carlorino.
It is small - just enough fo rmy wallet and small handphone.
I bought it during my last year in Uni, because I felt like I was grown up enough to carry a handbag. That is why is so small, because I was learning to carry one!

This is most probably my SECOND good handbag -from SEMBONIA.
My hubby bought this for my wedding gift. It came with a matching heels.
I used it for maybe 2-3 years before I locked it in my wardrobe forever because it has worn out.

This page is a tribute to my beloved handbags because both has been thrown away in thegarbage bin - I need more space for my still-can-be-used handbags.

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