Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Small Luxury vs. Big Luxury

Everybody loves to have some luxuries in their life.
I love luxury.. it adds value to my life.
But being a middle class family, luxury seems too expensive.
But lately, a year or two... I have come to think that luxury may not be big stuff. It can be small, simple, a little expensive than usual stuff but still affordable (means I don't have to fork out my money, pay by credit, or pay by installment plan).
A big house and great car is a big luxury. They requires a huge financial commitment. So, if we go for big stuffs like that, we will not have enough to spend for little stuffs that can add more values to our life.
Adding values to our life means that it contribute in improving our physical, mental and emotion. Like...
- going for spa treatment contribute to be looking good physically.
- using smart tag at toll and valet parking at a buzy malls contribute to reducing stress
- eating a well balance diet, organic foods & quality supplementary contribute to healthy body
- celebrating family members important dates - birthdays & anniversaries - contribute to positive emotions
- unplanned weekend gateway when we need to have a break from stressed job or the kids need to have a break from school's and house's rules

Mind you, all of the above require some ample amount of money - without having to berjimat cermat or mengikat perut - to be enjoyed.

So, Since I cannot afford the big stuff, I will definitely enjoy the small stuffs as much as I can. Eventhough it looks funny when a white viva stop at an expensive valet parking. That is my point.

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