Monday, April 13, 2009

More Birthday Celebration

Last 9 April was my 3rd daugther's second birthday.
Happy birthday Farra!

I was pretty busy the whole week preparing for her birthday bash. This is the first time I host a birthday party for my kid. It was tiring but it was fun, definitely.

The theme of the birthday bash is Princess.
I have the whole range of birthday materials with the theme...
Barbie cake from Loveliana's Cake
Barbie's theme Inviation card, Loot bags, party's hat ..
I'm so crazy about theme party.
The kid even wrote their friends' name and sent the cards themselves.
It was really really fun to receive the little guests over.

The birthday's gift:
A pink bicycle - I stretched myself to ToysRUs MidValley on Friday's afternoon just to get the pink bicycle.

The menu:
Lontong (first time buat lontong dan terus jadi.. resepi from My Resepi)
Mini Sandwiches - sardin & telur - Sold Out within 1/2 hour
My signature caramel pudding - resepi rahsia
Fruit pudding - takder resepi, hentam kromo jer..

The date:
Saturday, 11 April 2009.
One more discovery.. breakfast party is a lot easier and relax than lunch or afternoon tea.
So, after this, look for more breakfast party at my house.. yea!

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