Friday, April 03, 2009

Masuk bakul angkat sendiri

I had a meeting at a special government's office today. The meeting was chaired by an officer who is about my age, has serviced government at the same time I served my dearest company, but yet has been promoted fast enough to break a record.

After the meeting, he invited me and my colleague for a drink. And there he was... started from 0 second until 1 hour later... both of us like nodding our head to whatever he talked about himself, and himself only. About how successful he is, the fast track promotion, how the boss loves him, the things that he did that the boss loves... The reason why we sit there and listened is simply because his boss is a very very important person. So, we have to treat him well too.

No, I don't want to talk about him directly but rather to find out why he or people act that way?
And these are my theories (as usual... my theories..)

1. they think they have worked so hard but feel like nobody knows or notices. So, they have got to tell the world about it.
2. They don't feel appreciated. They are longing for appreciation, not in term of money, but in term of compliment.
3. They are promoting themselves
4. They don't like to talk about others

Some people think it's very annoying to hang out with this type of people, though I do admit we might learn something also. Or maybe it is better than talking about other people. I know another person who is just like this. But not to worry, I am a good listener. And I will always listen from start to end... and I think that it is a lot easier than having to talk about myself. I only talk about myself in an interview.

Nevertheless, I also observed that people who have this kind of personality are more successful than their peers who work as hard as them but don't talk about it. Hmm.. that makes me think twice about masuk bakul angkat sendiri....

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