Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!!

I know there are so many celebrations these days...
Jan - Birthday Dani
Feb - Anniversary
Mac - Birthday Dina
April - Birthday Honey & Farra

So, today it's hubby's celebration day. I bought him a wallet and a red tie. The wallet is what he wished for, and the red tie is what I wanted to give him. While waiting for the gift to be wrapped with ribbon, one of the staff chit chat with me.
"hadiah untuk siapa ni kak? boyfriend ke suami?"
"suami... (smile) anak dah empat la.." (org tak tanya pun nak bgtau jugak, anak 4.. takder kena mengena dgn soalan langsung!)
"dah berapa tahun kahwin?"
"7 tahun"
"uish.. 7 tahun pun dapat hadiah lagi... org lain 4 tahun pun dah takder hadiah, dapat ucapselamat pun dah kira nasib baik"

hahahha.. dalam hati: "kenala bagi, kalau kita tak bagi, nanti orang lain pulak yg bagi.." kuikuikui..

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday happy birthday
Happy birthday to you....

I love you yesterday,
I love you today
I love you tomorrow
- will love you forever...

You are the greatest hubby and babah in the whole world!!!

Anyway, we just had a birthday breakfast - I made some bihun goreng. And not to forget candle blowing and cake cutting ceremony... I love birthday! Aren't we all love birthday?!

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