Friday, March 27, 2009

E-business : Am I dare enough?

As usual, a 2 months maternity leave always give me new idea and new interest. This time I spent a lot of time over the Internet - blog hopping, visiting online shopping websites - apart from my addiction on FB. Yes, I just developed my addiction on FB.

And my new idea this year is to have e-business.
I have had a restaurant business which failed in just 6 months!! (no kidding, I lost RM50k just like that) And I also have lost thousands in MLM business.
I know, deep in my heart and in my blood stream, I want to do and have a business. That is what my family have been doing...

Back to my e-business idea. At the moment I really want to try this. I have listed down some business idea but not sure if they are some good ideas or not. They are so cliche. Okay, I just follow what others do:

1. sell mummy's and babies stuffs
2. sell cake and cookies
3 make a great informative website and earn from advertisement

hmm.. not a lot but that is what lingering in my mind every night.

Another thing that I want to do is attending Irfan Khairi's workshop, but it is so damn expensive! RM990 okay... for 1-day

And since I'm working, I wish I can find a business partner...

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