Monday, March 23, 2009

I hate to think that the kids are fast!

I just came back from Sek. Ren.Keb Sungai Ramal.
Yes, my daughter is going to standard 1 next year!!!
As I entered the school, I felt like there's a butterfly in my stomach.
There was no one there. The registration only took a few minutes. As I finished, another parents came.
As I got into the car. I felt like I want to cry...
I'm going to be a mother to a schooled kid!
Before I knew it she will take her UPSR. Then her PMR, SPM... Then I will send her to a college. The next thing I'll be arranging her marriage!
Time flies so fast!
The most thing that I hate is : as fast as the kids grow, that is how fast I'm growing older too!

Anyway, thanks to my friend, she reminded me to register my daughter today or I'll miss it!

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