Thursday, March 05, 2009

A princess's birthday bash for my 6th years old

It's Thursday and it's 5th Mac.
Most importantly, my princess has grown-up. She is 6 today!
Old enough to understand that her birthday is on 5th Mac every year. and keep on counting the days since a week before.
Old enough to request and set her birthday party.
Old enough to appreciate a birthday party!

So, I arranged a birthday party at her pre-school.. with a suprise barbie's photo cake from Loveliana's Cake. She really happy about it and she distributed the goodie bags (with Princess's theme as well) to her classmates.
It was a fun simple birthday party at school. I am happy to see her happy.
I love it!

Follow-up Notes:
A month after this day, I realized that she likes going to school even more, show more interest in learning and her learning speed improved tremendously. I guess when the kid has developed some self-esteem, they are proud of themselves and their family, they will live their life better, just like us.

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