Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!

2008 has past.
So did 1429 H.

It was quite a relax year for me, since I moved to this new job. New colleagues, new environment, new expectation... but it is way out of my expectation. I never thought that I will be this relax...
I'm glad that I started my master study, or I will regret if I didn't.
And the unexpected pregnancy is now coming close to the end.. I still cannot decide how am I going to plan my family after this fourth one. I know I have to do something, and I must!

New resolution?
I don't know.. I would like to surf my life as it is. It's not that I don't have plan, but I plan my life everyday, before going to sleep... if I have to write it here.. it would be...

1. buy back my mom's land ( i don't know how much it will cost me, but I'm willing to postpone my plan to buy a new house for this)
2. recently, my hubby told me that if there is rezeki, my brother-in-law would like to sponsor us for umrah, so, if I got sponsored, I want to take my mom along. Well, anyhow, it is in my hubby's plan to go for umrah this year, even if there is no sponsorship. insya-allah... but if we go with our own money, there will be no money for my mom anymore.. :(
3. reduce shopping or spending money ( i told myself everyday not to shopping excessively)
4. things on my spending list...
i. change our sedan car to MPV
ii. change / repair the kitchen & bathroom
iii. put up an awning
5. I am targetting to graduate in 2010. So, I have to start doing my thesis NOW!!
6. I was shortlisted for Chevening scholarship interview. And if I got it, I know everything I plan for now will change upside down. If I got it, I will leave for UK in Sept 09. I hope and pray that I will get it... amin...

the no. 6 is not in my capacity to plan for now. I leave it to fate and Allah. So, that' s why I don't like to plan so much. The no.6 will determine how I'm going to carry on with my life this year.

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