Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bandung Oh Bandung!

About 9 months ago, Air Asia made a very interesting promotion - RM0 fare to Bandung! So, me and few friends decided to make a trip to Bandung. It was supposed to be girls' trip but me and another friend couldn't afford to leave our hubby and kids. So, we tagged them along.

Unfortunately, a month later, I found out that I was pregnant! And would be at 37 weeks or so upon the departure to Bandung.. so, here I am, waiting for my baby to come out, and will be saying goodbye to my hubby & kids & girl friends to Bandung tomorrow... :( can you feel how pathetic I am?!

I really really really want to go there, but arranging another date would cost me more than what I lose for the RM0 fare promotion. I don't know when I will get the chance to go there, definitely not this year. Bandung is not my plan for this year, I need to save money for the umrah trip (insya-Allah) or for living in the UK... Ok, that is another story...

But if I were to go, this would be my vacation plan..

Hotel: Grand Serela
Day 1:
Depart from KUL : 1540; Arrive at BDO: 1600
check-in & Dinner

Day 2:
Visit Alun-alun Bandung
Shopping at Factory Outlet

Day 3:
Day - Trip to Lembang
Evening - look for brownies kukus to be brought back

Day 4:
Packing & check-out
Depart from BDO: 1120; Arrive at KUL: 1425

But sadly, I can only plan....

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