Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The year I turn 30

This month is supposed to be a celebration month for me. It's my Birth-month!!

But I am not in the mood of celebrating as I don't like the figure and the fact that I have moved to a different band???

Okay, some people say what is there in the number?

But numbers does mean a lot, okay...

That means I have to take more and extra effort to take care of my body, health & beauty. If I were destined to live in 50 years, that means I have less years to spend with my loved ones in this world. Seeing the kids growing bigger and older, makes me feel growing older too!

Even though there are many things that I have in my to-do-list, but somehow, I feel that I have enough that I am content with, and if I am able to achieve more in my to-do-list, it will be a bonus for me.

Maybe all I really want is to able to take care of the kids until they can take care of themselves or have somebody to take care of them (like good husband and wife) and to bring happiness to hubby, to be able to give happiness to mama and abah, and to be a better Muslim before I leave this world forever.

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