Friday, November 07, 2008

It's going to be a BOY!

I know it's going to be a BOY! and yesterday the ultrasound scan confirms it.
Suddenly I felt so different about this pregnancy. and partly maybe bacause I start citing the Quran since last week. And maybe also because of seeing and talking to the doctor, that make me feel OK to be pregnant again. It's good to finally feel good about it and hoping to look forward for the new comer.
The best part is, he proposed to ceasar me on 2 feb, which is my 7th anniversary.. and I immediately say OK. But seriously, deep, deep in my heart, I still feel anxious and apprehensive over the ceasar thing. It's the third time in a row, and I'm not sure if my body can still take it or not. But my doctor says I still can go on for another 2!

Anyway, how did I know that it's going to be a boy?? that's not a difficult question to answer... I know exactly when 'it' happened, what my condition at that time, and what hubby's condition at that time. Basically, for it to be a girl, the 'meeting' must be at the time of ovulation. for it to be a boy, the 'meeting' must be after the ovulation. And for him, in normal condition, the 'X' is more than the 'Y'. and 'X' lives longer than 'Y' (no wonder woman lives longer than man, it's just the nature of X). So, having it before the ovulation and during the ovulation will definitely give a girl. But to get a boy, only have it after the ovulation, by saying only means save the 'Y' for that moment. Get it?

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