Friday, November 14, 2008

When I met her...

I have a workshop at the HQ today, apparently the facilitator was from hubby's office. I know she will be there but I do hope that she won't be there. Because I'm not sure how to act if I meet her.

The morning session, she wasn't there. Ok.
Come the evening session, she's there!!!
By afternoon, everybody in the room was like know already that I'm my hubby's wife. So, when she came, one of her colleague introduced me to her as my hubby's wife. I didn't know what to say, didn't know how to act. But obviously I didn't even look at her. I thought my face was read "I know your secret with my hubby, so I hate you and I'm not going to talk to you" I talked to her other colleagues but not her. I just pretend that she's not there.. you know I'm quite natural in this (in other words, I'm good at this!) The whole evening, we were presenting our ideas and she just sat there, not saying anything. Maybe she's disturbed with my action. I hope so. Kalau dah makan cili, tentulah terasa pedasnya....
But one thing, she's got my sytle. But she's taller, not sure if she's taller than my hubby or she just 'look' tall. She wears a boot like mine. I mean, she's so look like me! But she don't talk like me. She speaks well, that I have to give her credit. Maybe that's the reason that my hubby loves to talk with her... Should I be proud that even my rival look like me? or what??!!

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