Thursday, November 06, 2008

25% done..

Finally... the first semester is over. 25% done!
Just finished my last final exam paper yesterday...
I took 3 subjects and I think it's not bad at all...
I still have time for my work, (ok, I lie, I'm not busy at all), I still have weekend with my kids, and time for raya too! Finished all the assignments on time and able to do last minute study successfully.. hehehehe.. I took Organizational Behavioral Management, Operation Management, and Accounting & Finance for Managers. I'm targetting something that is not less than B.

I think in overall, I can conclude that doing master programme is a lot easier than degree... and that also prove my theory about learning... the older you get, the easier you understand a subject matter. It's not true when people say the older you get, the less memory you have. Ok, you might have less memory, but the time you take to understand a subject matter is less. and mind you, once you understand something, you don't really have to memorize everything. the problem is, when you don't understand, you will start memorizing things.

Next semester will be tough for me. I will be at 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, and have to break for a month in Feb. The final might be in Mac. What to do???

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