Friday, May 16, 2008

Wrong number. Again...

This is the advertisement. You see, at the bottom of the ad, there are lists of phone numbers to be called. My office number is happened to be like one of those but the number is slightly switched.
So, since the last few weeks, I have received calls from all over the country wanting to ask for their application status, just because they switch the numbers. I am so sick of the calls that today I feel like I want to pretend to be the "right" officer. Since the status can be checked via web, so, I am going to use the website as my tool. It's easy..
1. Ask them which state they are from
2. Ask for identification number
Then, wallah, the status appeared.
So, I don't know who will be my victim, but I think it will be a fun game for today....hehehhe

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