Tuesday, May 20, 2008

As grateful as I am

I might be stress with my new job at my 'new' office but I think that is nothing compared to the real job stress. I realize that I develop one good thing in me. I become a better mother and better wife at home. My routine at home start in the morning, preparing breakfast for my angel before sending her to pre-school. Then I drive to work. After work, I reach home and prepare dinner for the family. After dinner, we watch TV and play with the kids. I don't feel tired at all. Looking at kids everynight made me realized how fast they grow and being able to see every step they take, every milestone they reach made me so grateful for the God's gifts.
The most important thing is I am more sane than before. I am more patience, more loving and happier with the kids. I can control my anger better than before. And I can see that the kids are happier with me now, they listen to me better, less tantrum and less fighting with each other. I think when the kids have enough attention and loves from the mother, they are less tantrum because they know they don't have to do that tantrum to get attention. Or maybe because now, I emit more positive energy or aura that influence them..maybe.
So, next time if I ever feel frustrated with my 'new' job, I shall think about my family who is blessed from all of this. Only God knows. When we commit ourselves to Him, believe that He will always give the best for us.

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