Friday, May 16, 2008

You know I am not an ordinary lady...

There is this one guy wanted to join a glamorous site visit to my ex-baby in Terengganu, arrange by a famous (or what is, infamous?) guy in the RE industry. He came to my office, asking me for some data inputs to complete his draft policy.. then happily talking to me about that visit. And asked "have you go to the island and see the system?".. I was like.. "yeah, I did the project. I commissioned it. I slept with the wind turbine. "
Him: "Ooo.. ye ke.. tempat tu macam mana? you tak mabuk ke?"
Me: "I didn't travel everyday. I spent more than 2 weeks at site for commissioning."
Him: "Ok.. tempat tu banyak resort kan?"
Me: "Yea.. tapi we all tidur kat kuarters"
He smiled but with suprising look.
Then, he asked me about the system...and I started talking... then he excused himself for some urgency. He looked like he didn't believe that I did the project and that I know about the system in and out. I think maybe he was a bit suprised when he learnt that I am not just anybody when talk about RE thing... I really want to question him,"what was your experience that make you eligible to become a consultant in RE thing". I was so sick with the people who never had hands on experience about RE, except what have been talking in seminars and conference, but claim themselves as an expert and consultant. I am not claiming myself an expert either, I know I need to learn more in classroom rather than talk about my past experience. But I least...

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