Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The day when a twin is born but the daddy is not around

I had a staff in my old office, who just got married a few months, then got pregnant, but the husband died in a car crash when the pregnancy was around 3-4 months. Yesterday, the twin is born.

I cried when I heard that the husband died few months back. I can't imagine to lose a husband at such early stage of marriage and about to have a baby. I can't imagine how she will bring up the babies alone.. without the daddy... I was so pity and sympathy that I suggest my hubby to marry her and takes care of the babies... I might be crazy, but I think some part of me is growing into feminity, humanity and motherhood of a higher degree.

The twin is not alike and that is the cutest thing of all. The girls are weight 2 and 2.4 kg and are only 47 cm... so small, like their mother. To the mother, be brave and never ever give up. There is always, always blessing in disguised. Sometime the good thing is just not happen, yet.

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