Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The ugly me

Help, I am so bored!
I practically do nothing, at least something productive that produce a result to put myself one step ahead from yesterday (or last week?), for the last 24 hours!

I came to work, check the meeting of the day on the white board, switch on the PC, go for breakfast, read the emails, (only to find that no important emails that require me to do something), read news of the day, check my yahoo email, check my blog...(just to see what did I write yesterday?), read some interesting blogs (whoever they are.. I don't even know them, but they write interesting stuffs).. then the phone rang, I pick-up only to find that it was wrong number. People always confuse the Call Center for a college with my number. I think one day I would just pick the phone and start to act like I am the Call Center..hehehe. (you know when I did that I was surely out of my mind and was really really chronic) .. then wait for somebody real to call me... Whatelse I did.. o yea, start to think:

1. Why nobody calls me for their meeting?
2. What I need to do today?
3. Did I owe anybody anything?
4. Am I not good enough? (I don't know how to do this job?)
5. What they want me to do here (I don't even know their expectation on me)
6. Nobody cares = I am not good = I am useless

Then suddenly, *puff*, I start to feel headache on my left brain...(which has not been productive for quite sometime) and feel like poking out my left eye.. wish I can "buat-buat pengsan.." THE END

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