Friday, May 11, 2007

New Hobby and other stuffs...

My last pregnancy has brought me to a new hobby... (I normally developed a new vision, new hobby, new life philosophy everytime I got pregnant.. which I don't know why..) But my hubby LOVES this new hobby... I fall in love with baking cake!! I never like baking a cake before. It never turns out right! But a week before I delivered my baby, somebody gave me a very nice moist chocolate cake with melted chocolate and almonds sprinkles on it... I LOVE it! Actually she was giving out a sample.. the price? RM60 per kg! she sold it from home.. a home based business. This is her website :

I always wanted to make a home-based business, but I don't know what to sell?? Her website really inspire me to develop this new hobby and maybe turn it into a business someday... until I can perfect my chocolate cake recipe...heheheh... And recently, my colleage forward this website to me... http://www/. (I shall update later)
this one is too much for me because but it does inspire me in some ways... I'd rather like the passionpaisley's style... just few items that she is good at and concentrate just on that one recipe. I'm dreaming (note that I use the word dreaming instead of planning..ehehheh) of going to a cooking class to learn more about bakery things... to evolve myself into a cake chef???

BTW, during the last pregnancy too, I planned for a new business. At first, I planned for opening a beriani gam business in PJ... somewhere in a shopping mall. But after a deep research, I found that I need a big capex, which I don't have. Then I switched to kopitiam business, to be opened in BBB, but after a real thought, it turns out that I also need quite a big capex and opex to maintain the business for a year before it could generate enough money... since I already have some cash in my hand, hubby thought that we can open a franchise business selling health product & cosmetic range... it may turn out to be a beauty house.... hmmm... But, I'm willing to give it a try.... afterall, the product is quite new and begin to become hit in the market. (I will announce it later after I got the approval from the HQ)

During the business research, I also found something interesting... to own a property for renting is really making a good money!! Imagine, a small lot in a shopping mall can cost at least RM10k per month (not inclusive of tax & service charge!) a shoplot in a good business area can cost at least RM3 to RM4k per month! a shoplot in not so good business area can cost at least RM1.5k per month! The figures really makes me want to own a property.. that is my new target for next year (2008).

Hmmm.... quite a lot of things happening in my life during my third pregnancy...

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