Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Very Own Restaurant

Last Sunday really marked a new turning point in my life. My hubby and I launched our very first restaurant a.k.a real business in our life. It's called "House of Briyani".

This is the result of years of dreaming and 6 months business research! One thing that I've learnt during the process is if you have anything in your mind that you really want to do, then JUST DO IT! You won't regret. For me this is the start of the making of millionaire.

My final destination is to be a franchisor – utk meletakkan house of briyani setaraf dgn secret recipe, the chicken rice shop, Kenny rogers, Laksa Shack etc.
I want the place to have a ‘brand’. Bukan setakat makan sedap & affordable but it must be branded. Kalau cakap pasal briyani mesti kena pergi house of briyani. Kalau cakap pasal special breakfast, mesti pergi house of briyani.
The next thing important thing is the menu. We have to select our menu carefully because it will bring up the image and brand of the place. Alhamdulillah, He sent me a team of dedicated youngsters, which deep in my heart I want to train them to be part of my team. Not just a counter staffs.
The next thing is presentation. What I have in mind is to have a standard uniform, a label on take-away container, a labeled plastic bag..
We also do periodic promotion –- set menu, voucher, etc..
Kalau boleh, nak increase on marketing, but of course we need to be stable first, nanti tak terdaya pulak. Buat pamphlet color, masuk radio, panggil wartawan buat review, masuk ekspo… things like that.
Then, the management issue. The management should be acceptable office standard.

That is my plan for this business. Not just a kedai makan…

The timeline… in 3 years time. Org cakap the journey of thousand miles start with the first step, so kalau kita dah tau the destination, I believe the steps we take should bring us towards that.

Our target market is for those who love to eat, want a good food, good service and cozy place.

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