Monday, May 08, 2006

Survivor Tips

Somebody once told me that I'm a survivor.... when I think back, I gues it's almost true. I may not be an achiever, but I am a survivor... I just know how to get things to go on my way...
Whether as a university's student or as an empoyee, I have my own way to deal with people and with task...

Tips to succeed without study hard as an undergraduate...
1. Be good to your lecturer.. I mean everyone... don't hate your lecturer.. be nice to them! Visit them at their room.. even just to say hello. A short discussion on what related subject will do. But of course, don't over doing it.. don't flirt! Lecturer is human, they need you to succeed too.
2. Never skip your class... for whatever reason... at this stage, nothing is more important that your class. Some lecturers do give marks on attendance, others may give credits on subjective marks.
3. Show your 120% effort to your lecturer and teamwork in your assignment & project... it does pay off, even if your project does not work. Just be there on time and give stupid ideas will also work. This will also prepare you when you enter a 'real' working life...
4. Pay attention on quizzes and tests. Small portion of good marks may contribute to bad final exam.
5. Take down notes on every class... on specific book for each subject. Avoid making notes on paper. You'll lose it!
6. Create networks... don't just stick to your circle, or to yourself, that is even worst!

Tips on achieving at workplace...
1. Remember, boss is always right! Of course, you can throw your idea, but remember, boss has its own ego. It is good to throw your idea. Most bosses like that, but only half of them will listen to it. If they don't listen for the first time. Let it be. If yours is good, it will surface later... but too bad if the boss act it like it was his own idea. But again, boss is always right. It's ok, it doesn't matter if your higher boss or your colleagues don't know, but you know your boss likes it. You will sure get a credit for that - in an annual appraisal, hopefully.
2. Make life easy for your boss. I don't ask you to make coffee for him everyday, but being a little organized will help. Write down whatever he ask you to do, with the dateline. And make sure that you gets things done by the dateline... with ample time for him to comment and make correction.
3. Don't make you boss's life difficult - produce well-spelled and grammatically-correct document (letters, paperwork, etc), don't let him redo everything that you did. Don't make him caught in a last minute work.
4. Make sure your boss is well-informed on everything that you do and make sure that he's on your side.... all the time.
5. The first few months with your new boss, try to understand him in and out, what he says may not be what he meant.
6.Take the first few months to learn the work culture.. take what is good. And those that accepted by your boss. Especially on breakfast & lunch time, going out for a while, taking leaves...etc.
7. Take the first few months to know who's who at workplace. This is very important for your long term success at the workplace.
8. All in all, don't over doing... don't bodek with tong kosong. Bosses may layan it, but will not give credit on it. You know what I mean... bosses are not stupid.

Now... is that what you call a survivor? or a common sense?

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