Friday, May 05, 2006

Commuter & LRT

Since a week ago, I have been travelling to office via Commuter & LRT.
Why? I got my City crashed by a Pajero... what a day.... and the City not yet 2 weeks old.. not yet 1000 km..

But since a week ago, I found commuter & LRT very interesting... especially KL sentral.
Though there were days that I have to walk in rain (because I didn't have an umbrella, well... I have it in my car!), there were days that I have to push myself in big crowd (with all the smells, of course) just to get into the already fulled train. There are also time when I was scolded because trying to selit-selit when all of other people is queing...(well, how do I know when this Malaysians suddenly became so civic? Then, I realize, it only happened at KL Sentral, and may be KLCC too) But one thing that I like to do, is looking at other people... the trend... fashion... their shoes.. their bag.. the way they dress-up.. and trying to guess, what kind of job they are doing... interesting, huh?! And most interesting is to see the same face everyday... hmm...that is cute.

The only thing that I don't like is the time... I have to wake early in the morning just to make sure that I catch the 7 o'clock train, or the next train will get me to office at 8.30 a.m. And I have to go back before 7.00 p.m, to reach home before Maghrib is over...

All in all, I'm considering of putting commuter & LRT as my main transportation to office... because it's interesting... don't you think so?

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