Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Hari mogok.
I feel like I was just being used by my boss.
I feel like he is just taking advantage on me.
I do not envy anybody.
He gave lots of responsibility to me, yet he doesn't trust me.
He knows I will do his work no matter what.
But yet he doesn't trust me.
He checks my work from spelling to content.
He goes through my paperwork back to back.
But when it comes to other people... he just look at it, and say they are fine. But in reality, it is worst than any engineer's work. What is that supposed to mean?
Since I came back to this company, not once that he bring me to a meeting (especially outstation).
I don't know why.. could it be that I'm a lady?
And that he has problem with his wife if he brings me outstation?
Could be.
His reason is always I have lots of works to settle in office.
Ok. fine. I'm not going anywhere. No outstation at all. (Mogok)
I know the big boss wants me to go. But he told the big boss that I'm too busy.
After he and that so-called PA came back from outstation, all I know is pile of works on my table - a result from the meeting.
And what is that so-called PA doing? Just to accompany him.
I'm really tired of doing all this office works, when other people is enjoying themselves and get credit.
If they don't perform, it is because I don't tell them what to do, because I don't monitor them, because I don't help them. because I don't give them enough work.
But if they perform, they just take the credit themselves. Did somebody notice that I'm spending the whole day just to check their spelling and grammar?
And to show them one by one how to do it correctly? Did the boss knows about it?
Should I tell the boss how bad their work is, and that I have to spend my entire afternoon to check on their work?
That is stupid.
I'm not in good mood today.
I'm thinking of settling my job, delegate my works slowly... look back what I have achieved.
Finishing my long unfinished work.
Maybe taking a brake and do my master. I'm really really tired.

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