Thursday, May 04, 2006


I just don't understand why... shopping makes me feel good!
Yes, I mean shopping, not window shopping.
I have been really under stress for the pasrt 2 weeks.. finally, on that fine weekend.. I just blow up.. I bought 1 handbag, 1 lady briefcase, 2 blouses... for RM300. And everything back to normal. No stress at all.. I can smile.. I'm so happy..

And yesterday & today.. I'm so tensed with my boss and goverment people.. so, I left office during office hour.. went for a quick shopping at a mall across my office. And there I go.. a perfume and a blouse.

I know one thing.. when I'm stressed, I like to wear new clothes & shoes... wear nice perfume... do some make-up on my face... basically, by doing something that I like on my body.. really makes me feel good.. I like the feeling of a 'new' me... it boost my adrenaline... it puts smile on my face & boost my confidence.

Have you ever felt that? Is it a normal thing?

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Anonymous said...

it's not unusual. it's normal. just that i don't have extra minutes to got up from my red chair to go out and SHOPPING.... too thight with the paper worksssss... am going to stress.. ha ha ha