Tuesday, May 02, 2006

BIG stuff vs. small stuff

This week I'm trying to make a happy week..
I'm happy yesterday and today.
I'm not sure why.

But most of me BIG job has been settled...
1. Technical Evaluation Criteria & BOD paper
2. Budget for FY2006/07
3. SHS Design for Perhentian & Kapas
4. SHS Proposal for Perhentian & Kapas
5. Tuba's problem... (not totally solved, but at least I got things moving)

Now, I'm left with normal daily work stuff... letters, minutes of meeting, phone calls, follow-up things, etc...

But suddenly I realized, BIG stuff always make us stress. But we like to do small stuff instead of BIG stuff because BIG stuff normally requires more focus, study, time consuming because it is normally difficult to do. But small stuff is somewhat more enjoyable... it's easier and less time consuming. But in actual fact, small stuff never ends... BIG stuff comes and once you finish it, you meet the goal. Small stuff doesn't show in your total performance. They makes you busy but don't contribute to total performance as to be seen by your boss. BIG stuff make syou outstanding.. that's why boss likes to do BIG stuff. So, moral of the story, spend more time to do BIG stuff and delegate small stuff!

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