Saturday, April 29, 2006

Am I a Flirt??

I don't think I'm a flirt.
But maybe I'm a very natural person...
Naturally, I'd like to use my gender to my advantage... But that doesn't mean that I flirt with anybody. I think it's natural to be nice to people when you need help, isn't? This sometimes brings trouble to me. Especially with a wife and mother of 2 status.
But I'm not sure if my being-nice-action could touch someone's heart or could attract a different gender. Most people don't believe that I'm a mother of 2, when they just met me for the first time. It's a complement, of course. But really, I don't do anything. Maybe it's because I'm a young mother.. come on,... I haven't reached the 3-series league yet...
I don't know how to act when caught in this situation.. should I let myself, just to respect the other party (of course I don't lie.. I still tell them the truth that I'm a mother of 2)... or should I shut the guy off... well.. either way, I have nothing to lose. Well, I'm not being arrogant here... I'm just protecting my pride and my purity as a wife.
And why I tell this story today? Because I just caught someone's attention at a Police Station. ... funny, I guess... ;-)

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