Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's a Honda!

It's a Honda.. a Honda City..
Since I got my very own car 5 years ago.. a national car, I always wanted to have a better imported car... which of course of a better quality and prestige.
So, finally I got a car that worth my money... though it's the cheapest from Honda's range, but still worth it. At first I don't really like City, I'm more for Jazz... a truly cute and comfort car. But after round and round of argument and consideration with my hubby, finally we booked the City. But it was very rushed. He was not keen to change our national car at first, but on our first survey to Honda's showcase, he already felt in love with the City. and he was the one who made the decision there and then and booked the car. Now, he never regret of trading-in our 5-years old national car to a new City.
The car is really really spacious. I personally like the driver's pit.. spacious and elegant. The interior is superb, but beige in color. So, it's a stricly NO NO to foods and drinks.. especially chocolate & milk. And no shoes for my babies too! The seats are wide and really comfortable for long journey. In fact I can pull down the rear seats and put a comforter until the bonet's area for my babies to lay down and sleep! Well.. that's my personal lady-like view for a car.. but of course my hubby has different view.. especially on the engine parts... on how it saves our budget on petrol (12 sen per km!), the 7th auto and manual gear... but the pick-up is not that good.. it's behind our previous Proton GTI. Other than that, it's an affordable and good car, NO REGRET!

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