Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday's story

It's 3rd Saturday of the month.
It's my off-day.
Hubby... went out early in the morning.
I can't really remember what time he left, but I thought he was saying silat... I was still dreaming at that time.

Heard his voice from downstair.
"Is he back? I'm still under my blanket..."
Quickly rushed into the bathroom and took my shower... before he found me! *ahaakkss*

He's not there. Oh, he just came back for a shortwhile.
He bought us breakfast.
It's roti canai... hmmm...

Had breakfast with the kids.
Roti canai was all over the place.

Done with roti canai, I switched on my Toshiba.
It's not mine actually, I was doing this freelance job for my boss? or colleague? or good friend. Whatever...
But I was doing this since the last 2 months... what is expected to complete in 3 months!
i accepted his offer because I thought it's an interesting job... and I need extra money (but really, money is secondary...)
I'm not sure what's the whole project is all about, my part is very little...
to draw an 11-kV network for the state of Sabah.
I was quite happy doing it at the earlier stage, but now I'm not sure if I can finish everything by then.
It's a lot of work. It's pretty difficult to commit myself everyday and every weekend lately.
I think it is something to do with focus... I just can't focus myself at this point of time.

by noon...
Pheww... done 1/5 of today's target.
I hope to finish this part 100% by end of this day.
I have one more part to finish tomorrow.
I'm going to see him next Monday, give him everything I've done and he will give some more to do...

12.00 noon.
Hubby was home.
I haven't prepared lunch yet!
Quickly took out the chicken from freezer, choped the onions & garlics, cut-off carrot & vegetable...
After an hour... a simple and quick lunch...
Deep fried Flour-covered-chicken or Kentucky's as we called it.
And fried vegetables with oyster sauce.

Errk...after lunch, hubby told me he was having a kayak competition this morning.
Oh, really.. I thought I heard silat this morning...ehhehe
His team has made it to final. Good for him. He really loves those recreational & adventure activities.
The final competition was held at 2.30 pm.
Sorry darling, I can't be your pom-pom girl today.

Hubby's gone.
I switched on my Toshiba... I have to finish this job.
I have another appointment this evening with a car dealer...
Yes, we are buying a new car.. it's... wait a minute, I think I'll save this for later...

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