Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday story...

White chocolate cake from Secret Recipe... yumm..yumm..yummy...
It's birthday bash for our February's borne colleages...
Happy birthday guys...
That's the happy side of the day...

But it's Saturday... I repeat, it's SATURDAY!
I think we are the only Organisation in my country that still works on SATURDAY!
Looking at the traffic of the day, I guess I'm almost right.

The unhappy side...
Suddenly I feel so tired with my job.
Maybe I have too much expectation for myself, for my bosses, and for my team..
I really really love doing renewable energy project.
But lately, most of my incomplete works are due to administrative problem, which is beyond my control and authority.
And it makes worker like me, who really wants to realize the project... FED-UP!!

Stop complaining about my job.
I'm going back...
I have two open houses today.
I missed my kids... I really really do..
I've been going home late evening these days.
(But still I need more hours of the days.. I wich I can have 48 hours per day!)
Fariz.. he's being very very naughty lately... he seems to be naugthier than his Big Sis.
Those guys just run and run from one end to another end of the house, without feeling tired.
It's quite disturbing also during outings.
Sometimes I don't want to bring them out, but my motherhood heart always being melted by the look of their eyes.

But then again, that's life.

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