Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life is beautiful...

This whole thing about blogging really get me.
I have so many things in my head... from very stupid things to highly intelligent matters.
Life is yet so beautiful and colorful... if you look at it with the right glasses and from the right perspective.

My dad... he did it again. I can't comment further on this. A father is still a father.
My little angel and my hero... I don't know what else I've been missing in their growing years...
I miss the moment when she learnt how to ride. I miss the moment when he learnt how to play with his toys. My job... stressful but yet very exciting.
My extra freelance job... what shall I say? A committment has been given...
My business... Am I bored with it already?
My good friend at work... whose has been my strength at work. Thank you so much. You always put back the smile on my face.
My bestfriends... wondering how are doing lately?

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