Thursday, February 23, 2006

I resign

I want to resign from my Tuba's Project.
I'm not tough? Maybe... not tough enough to hold pressure from one side and being bullshitting by the other side.
By I have my principle.
Since my working life, I always do my job with all my heart and giving my 150% of time, dedication, believe....
It is my principle to do something for the sake of those who will get the benefit out of it.
Money.. salary.. is all bonus that will come together with the efforts.
What's important is to see thing's happened and realized...

But what happens lately in Tuba's project, I'm not giving a damn!
Afterall, somebody else's can take up that stupid job!
If I'm going to lose my dignity of doing things that I was all for it (initially), I don't care anymore.
Why should I?

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