Thursday, April 10, 2014

Waiting for the 5th...

Time flies.... faster than we can ever realize.
After 5 years, getting pregnant again feels like first timer.. or worst.
First, most of the preggy mummy and baby stuffs are either had been given away or can no longer be used.
Second, I forgot how it feels like to be pregnant...
Third, because of the huge gap between last pregnancy and this, lots of preggy mummy and baby stuffs have change, either become more fancy, more useful, cheaper, more expensive, trendy... but things change, and I want to try them all... so it makes this pregnancy become more costly.
To add up, aging factor and 3 x CZ really made me feel like I'm actually not physically fit to do this again.
At least this should be the last attempt.

But one thing for sure, this happen everytime I changed my work place. So, all my babies are delivered when I was working at different workplace, and different portfolio.

It's already 5 months...
My feelings have changed from not wanting to talk about it, to nervous, to excited, to worried...

I just hope and pray that everything will be fine. Allah is the best planner.

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