Sunday, November 22, 2009

She Made Me Proud...

She reminds me of my childhood times... when I graduated from Tadika Kemas, my mom made me 2 baju kurung paired with my father's kain sampin songket for the grand day. 1 for leading the ikrar, and 1 for fashion show. I was quite a leader at that time because of my physical being - among the tallest in the class - and of course I was a bright student then. I received a lot of presents, I can't remember for what, but mom said that I also received an excellence award. That was 25 years ago...

Last night, when I saw her on the stage, presenting sajak "Sekolahku". I was like seeing my own self, my own reflection. From that moment onward, I know she will made me proud today and forever. Another reflection is she only got second place. As far as I remember, I have never been the first, there is always someone better than me. From my school days until I graduated from Uni. I was good, but never the best.

She had this sajak to practise at home a day before we went to Bukittinggi. I didn't know about it (If I know I would definitely bring the sajak to Bukittinggi for her to practise). We only came back 2 days before the big day. So, practically she only had 2 days to practise. She never got serious at home when I asked her to practise. She said, "Ibu tengok saja la nanti..." and she smiles... which make me more worried. She could make mistake on stage. But she insisted to make a suprise for me.

She also performed a dance along with Amy Mastura's Sha Na Na. I asked her to show me the dance at home, but she insisted that I should wait and see her performed at the hall. It turned out very well. She did it well.

She is a kid with confidence. She knows what she knows. That is why she is confident with what she wants or is needed to do. I pray that she will continue to success in her life. This is only a small beginning. I hope I could be with her in every point in her life to share her success and happiness. I just learnt to be in my mom's shoe. I never realized how I made my mom proud of me. Now I know.

Big Bro on stage performing "Bukan Superman"
Big Sis on stage performing nasyid "Kami Anak-anakmu"

Big Bro reciting doa...

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