Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome Home, babe..

Finally.. my wish has come true.. after a long wait and dreaming, since 2004.
Welcoming our new family member....

A dark-blue Japan recond toyota wish... *alhamdulillah*

It was a thrill to fetch her yesterday. Hubby and I can always go together in one car (our Viva) and he can drive the Wish home. But since I don't want to drive home alone in Viva and let him officiate the Wish himself, so we decided to go by train. To add to the thrill, we brought the 3 kids together!!

I was on MC yesterday, so after work, the kids and I went to fetch hubby at his workplace and we parked our car at Putrajaya Sentral. We took the KLIA transit to KL Sentral (it costs about RM9 per person for all of us!). From KL Sentral, we took Putra LRT to Asia Jaya. It was raining a little... we run through the rain to catch a taxi by the roadside... it was 7pm already... there was hardly a taxi... Finally a taxi stopped.. the driver was very kind to stop for us, he said if it wasn't for the kids, he won't stop as he was about to take his son for a lunch. Thank you taxi driver! We finally arrived at Naza World at 7.30pm..

On the way home, hubby thrown his crazy idea to test drive the car to Genting Highland the next day (which is today)... I was confused between studying for the final exam or having fun with my new wish-come-true... But we did go to Genting Highland and spent a half day fun at the indoor theme park... There were not many people, and the kids were the most enjoyed... playing round and round... This trip made Big Sis realizes that Genting Highland is not that far from our house. So, she keeps on asking to go to Genting again whenever Saturday comes... She's getting smarter!

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