Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kereta pun ada perasaan

Recently (or maybe since my 4th pregnancy), I hint, persuade, and try to convince hubby about how much we need to change our sedan to an MPV i.e 7-seater car.

And until last week, do not know what happen to him, he finally said yes to my idea. So, he shop around and asked the quotation for our sedan. from 50k, 51k, finally he got a good quotation of 55k. The bank loan is about 51k. So, we have about 4-5k extra to be put as downpayment for the new MPV. But we haven't decided on the new car yet. It's still between 'How I wish a Toyota Wish, but I can only afford a Toyota Innova'.

But the City is already merajuk.

Last few days, the tyre punctured, just after I drove about 50 meters from my office. And I had to call a colleague to help me since hubby is not around. The next day, hubby change all 4 tyres because all of them are pretty bad already.

Yesterday, on the way back home, after a massive jam, at 6.30pm, I hit somebody's car in front of me. Luckily his car was not that bad, so he didn't ask for any compensation, maybe he's pity with me because my car was bad, really bad. I was terrified. Stupid me, never learnt not to look at the handphone during driving. I was trying to find a contact number to make a call. Ok, I've made a confession. pakcik polis, anda boleh saman saya. But I do think and still believe that his car doesn't have a third light break. I din't take his phone number, nor his plate number. Because all I can ever think was, I need to repair this car as soon as possible so that I can still sell it at 50k. And NO ONE should know about the incident. I don't even dare to take the picture. Sorry, no picture to share.

The cost of repairing is about 1k. So, you can imagine how bad it was.

But sorry City, I don't hate you, it just that we need to move on with our life.

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rinaabdullah said...

wei.. definitely yes to your subject. I got my wira changed pun sbb banyak kali dia merajuk since aku always said i don't want it on the first place. I like satria better.. tp sbb abg suruh so aku beli la..major accident la, knocked someone's else bummy la.., seret dinding and hentam pagar rumah..

Zaki's crv that day... that accident happened just after i asked him how do u feel driving this car? and his answered was like "biasa je.. any car sama for me.. wira pun gini.." pastuh terus kabbooomm...terdiam kejap both of us.

But, not to my jazzy. she's been very good to me even when driving it to the last seconds. coz she knows how much i adored her..