Monday, July 27, 2009

Sewing Day

Saturday morning...
I woke up with a shock that hubby is going for a fishing at Tasik Kenyir!
I wasn't prepared mentally and emotionally.
Plus, I already have my own plan for the weekend, after a loonnnggg week. i.e To spend quality time with the whole family.
So, being frustrated I was, I went for a 15 minutes jogging and 15 minutes stretching at the lake.
After I'd thrown all my anger and used up the bad energy, I felt fresh.
So, I continued shopping for groceries at Mydin. Since I had some balance of the money, I went checked out the newly opened Kamdar, a few blocks away from Mydin.
To my suprise ( a good one!), it's having a good sale and there are quite a haven of cotton! The after sale price was as good as Bandung's. So, I bought (or should I say borong??)....

I can't believe that they have nice design and bright colors for RM3.80/m cotton...

These are Japanese Cotton, after sale (around 40%-50%, I can't really remember), it costs RM11.++/m. Cheap, don't you think so? Will update on what will happen to these pieces... hehehhe

Back at home I immediately start my poject.. the first project..

This bone-shaped big cushion was bought in 2002 during my pregnancy time. I used it to support my belly and legs. When I bought it has no cover. So, it's a bit difficult to clean it. Since I'm so sayang to throw it away, I just dump it at a corner of our room. Hoping that some day I will make a cover for it.

And that some day has come! yeay!!! Introducing new bone-shaped cushion, which is now being loved by everyone in the house!

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