Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back to School

This week my life start to buzz again.
I take 4 subjects which means no dinner at home for 4 consecutive nights from Monday till Thursday. I'll be dizzy with economics, power system analysis, applied telecommunications and knowledge management.

Sounds teribble? I am. And I target to get an A in all subjects. For the last 2 semesters, I have not put any target at all, the only target I have was to pass through the semester.

I don't know how am I going to go through these 4 months. Certainly no balik kampung. It's not the assignments that I'm worried but the time I would take to study the textbook in order for me to grab the knowledge.

I have 7 subjects left, so I plan to take 4 subjects this sem and 3 for next sem. I must graduate by June 2010 and get my scroll in August 2010. I MUST, I MUST, I MUST!

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