Monday, May 11, 2009

Update: Homeschool (1)

For the past week, I've tried (very very hard) to keep the reading session before bedtime for each kids.

Dina manage to read aloud by herself every night before going to bed - the aim is to get her practice on her reading skill. After the reading, I'll discuss with her on what she understand about the story. I figure out that she still cannot focus on the story, but her reading skill is improving, A LOT!

I only manage to read a book to Fariz & Farra at the same time once. After a few nights of struggling to get them listen to me and not fighting each other. But it is more difficult to get Fariz's attention as he will has reason like sleepy, and doesn't seem to be interested with my effort - need to try other method, I guess. As for Farra, she likes to turn the pages by herself, and asking question about the picture rather than listening or giving me a chance to read the book to her. So, both need different approach. I'm still figuring out how to divide my attention to those before they all go sleepy and turn off.

The lil Dani - I'll read to him on weekdays when the older kids go to mengaji. Seriously, I cannot manage all four requirements within 1 hour (8.00 - 9.00 pm).

Yesterday is mother's day & also a weekend, so I arrange an art & craft session - making mother's day card for ME! Dina wrote a beautiful statements about me, which is her own idea. Fariz copy cat "Selamat Hari Ibu, fariz" from a note I gave him. But as usual will cry for help because he still has problem in writing the alphabet 'S'.

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