Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It's mother's day. A day to treasure mommies all over the world.
I have been telling my kids about this day since last weekend.
Early in the morning, I taught them how to appreciate ME, in particular. hehhehe...
I taught them to make a card.
Wish me "happy Mother's Day'
Hug & kisses too!

And called my mom later than morning to wish her too.
She was waiting for my call.

My mon is my inspiration. She has always been my example to educate my kids, but as much as I try, I still cannot be like her. When I was a kid, she did scold me and bit me with 'rotan'. And I had even thought that when I have my own kid, I will never scold my kids like she did to me. Now that I have my owns, I never scold my kids like how my mom did, but worse. Sometime I feel I am a bad mother. I wonder if my kids will have the same thought as I was.

She is full of love. She seldom scold me (or maybe because I'm a good child). She always talk to me nicely, give advice and let me lead my life. She always try to give her best. She never said NO to my request. I can be sure that I will get what I want, but it is just a matter of time. She let me play around the neighbourhood without keeping an eye too much on me. She let me to have my own secrets. I don't know what or how she did, but since I was a small girl, I respect her, trust her, and I never tried to break that trust she had on me. I want my kids to experience the thing that my mom made me experienced, or better. Mom trust me, has faith in me, she is confidence with me. I am a confidence person, believe in myself, proud to be myself, and successful because she let me. I hope I can raise a child which will have the same values as what I have.

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